INSPIRATION . 06/01/2016

Are you expecting a child? Start with 3D printing!

Are you expecting a child? Start with 3D printing! At Joolz we embrace positive innovations with open arms, from both within and outside the company. It was also great to see on the Joolz NL Facebook page that Michael Teeuw, a Joolz consumer, developed the first 3D print (worldwide – as far as we know!) into a useful Joolz accessory. We contacted Michael immediately and he was very enthusiastic and happy to share his idea with us.
Michael Teeuw is a Joolz ambassador and owner of Xonay Media. For years, he has been fanatic about creative applications for new techniques (in the field of internet, mobile, sensors). A 3D printed accessory for the Joolz Day, which you can easily hang up, seemed like a practical solution! With the sketches that you can find online, you can also print your own 3D hang-up system. Do you not have your own 3D printer? (which we can completely understand!) A location where you can 3D print is:
For the complete description including a demostration film of what Michael has shared to us, go to his blog.  Click here

3D accessoire_2

3D accessoire_3

3D accessoire_1

3D accessoire_4